The NSB Group

The NSB Group has a turnover of almost NOK 11 billion and, with 10,000 employees, is Norway’s largest transport group. NSB Persontog is the core business within the NSB Group and has a turnover of approximately NOK 4.4 billion and 2800 employees.


About NSB Persontog

The passenger service operations within the NSB Group are run by NSB AS and its subsidiaries NSB Gjøvikbanen AS and AB Svenska Tågkompaniet. NSB’s regional and local passenger services cover many of the key transport arteries in Norway. The regional services are marketed through a variety of offers such as KOMFORT (aimed at people who want to work during their journey), SOVE (comfortable cabins with high-quality mattresses, duvets and pillows), FAMILIE (special section on the train for people travelling with children) and MENY (café or kiosk offering a varied selection of food and drink). Local services are adapted for passengers who are travelling locally, as they have plenty of seats and space, as well as large windows and air-conditioning. The latest trains are more disabled-friendly and have electronic information systems. The toilets on board are suitable for wheelchair users.


NSB is currently purchasing and modernising trains worth NOK 6 billion. These new/modernised trains will give NSB an extra 14,000 seats (NSB Persontog currently has 52,213 seats), giving a considerable increase in capacity. Combined with the construction of new infrastructure in Eastern Norway, NSB will with its new rolling stock and a new timetable provide a significantly better service with frequent and regular departures and improved journey times from 2012.


About the Bergen Railway

When you buy a train ticket for the Bergen Railway, you also buy a ticket for one of Europe’s most spectacular railway experiences. The trip is just as impressive at any time of year, on long summer days with the mountains bathed in sunlight or in stormy weather with drifting snow during the winter. You catch the train from one of Norway’s two largest cities – Oslo and Bergen – up to Europe’s highest mountain plateau – towards Finse with the Rallarvegen cycle route and the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. Here, there are countless opportunities for excursions. On the way to Finse, the train will stop at Geilo and Voss, amongst other places. These are popular tourist destinations in themselves. The train will also stop at Myrdal. Here, you can take the popular 20km Flåm Railway. Both the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway are included in the list published by the Society of International Railway Travelers (R) of the 25 best train journeys in the world. Regardless of whether you are seeking adventure or an environmentally friendly means of transport between Norway’s largest cities, NSB’s trains on the Bergen Railway are highly recommended. NSB KOMFORT, NSB FAMILIE, NSB SOVE and NSB MENY are all available on trains on the Bergen Railway.


NSB Persontog, Prinsensgate 7-9, 0048 Oslo


NSB Sentralbord 23 15 00 00 / Billettbestilling og ruteopplysning 815 00 888

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