Vær varsom-regler

Precautionary rules

Welcome to Rallarvegen – a unique experience. Find out about your rights and obligations before you set off.

Show consideration for nature and cultural heritage

  • Show respect for nature and wildlife. Remember that you are visiting the kingdom of the wild reindeer.
  • Avoid cycling on the high mountains during the evening and at night between 7pm and 9am wherever possible.
  • Show respect for grazing animals.
  • Bring back what you take out with you. This applies to all waste and packaging.
  • You will be cycling on a cultural monument. The standard of the road surface may therefore not be as good as you might wish.


Show respect for other users on foot, on a bike or in a car

  • Remember that car users are permitted to enjoy the road too.
  • Avoid dangerous cycling.
  • Show respect for holiday home owners and their private life.
  • Remember that the road is unsuitable for young children and inexperienced cyclists.
  • You should dress for the high mountains and according to the weather report.
  • Show respect for the ban on tent camping in designated areas.
  • Remember that it is compulsory to keep dogs on a lead.
  • Report accidents, rubbish, etc. if necessary.
  • Remember that some sections of the road have no mobile phone coverage.

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