If you are looking for an informal environment, a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and a cosy cabin on your holiday, then Vatnahalsen is an ideal sanctuary amongst the mountains. We offer you comfort but not luxury – spacious living rooms and rooms for dancing, entertainment and indoor activities.


Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell has long traditions which extend right back to 1896, when the first hotel was built. The hotel here has been open more or less continually ever since then, but at times it has only been open for part of the year.


The current hotel was built in 1953/54 after the previous hotel was burned down during the war. The hotel was subsequently extended with a “new” wing and conference room around 1970. The hotel currently has a capacity of 40 rooms. Bright and pleasant rooms, most of which are spacious and have a bath/shower and toilet. Adjacent to the hotel is an annex. This building dates from around 1880 and was originally used to provide accommodation during the construction of the Bergen Railway. Since the hotel took over the building, it has been used as accommodation for the staff at Vatnahalsen. After the hotel burned down in the early part of the war, the annex was used as a hostel. This continued through until the new hotel was opened. In recent years, the annex has been refurbished and during the summer we can now offer accommodation here.



Breakfast is served 08.00-10.00. Lunch menu available 13.00-16.00.
Evening meals are served 19.00.
Wholesome, homemade Norwegian food.



Vatnahalsen is a popular stopping-off place on Rallarvegen. It’s good to take a breather here after the demanding uphill stretch from Reinungavatnet and the steep downhill section down the Myrdal hairpin bends. Many people choose to have their lunch here and we recommend that you try the renowned and delicious Vatnahalsen waffles.


Whether you enjoy cross-country skiing or walking, hunting or fishing or simply enjoying beautiful scenery through the camera lens, the choices are endless at Vatnahalsen. You will find both easy and more challenging trips, in both summer and winter.


Courses and conferences

Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell can offer your company courses/conferences in a warm and homely atmosphere, 820m above sea level. Get away from the stresses of urban life. You can only reach us by train and in these climate-conscious times, this is one of the most environmentally friendly, not to mention comfortable, ways of travelling. The hotel has a capacity of 35 people in single rooms or 60 people if the participants share a double room.


You can choose between many excursions both along Rallarvegen and down the Flåm Railway. Marked trails to Kaldavasshytta, Tarven and Stonndalen. Paths to Broksnosi, Skjebergsnuten, Ugjerdsdalen to Upsete.




Heilårsope med unntak av 20.12. – 03.01


Vatnahalsen, 5718 Myrdal


57 63 37 22


57 63 37 67


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