Cafe Rallaren

Cafe Rallaren

Cafe Rallaren is situated at Myrdal station, 867m above sea level. Myrdal station is the upper terminus of the world-renowned Flåm Railway and an interchange between the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway. The café is located in the premises of the old railway restaurant, which opened in 1909. We also run a souvenir shop selling T-shirts, caps, ornamental pins, mugs and other souvenirs from Rallarvegen and the Flåm Railway. Cafe Rallaren also has a left-luggage facility. The Myrdal area is suitable for most people but is not wheelchair-friendly.



Serving of hot and cold meals: cream porridge with cured and smoked meats and fish, meatballs, lasagne and Rallar soup. Coffee and cakes with homemade pancakes, carrot cake and pastries as our speciality. Refreshments, coffee, cappuccino, café au lait and tea. We serve beer, cider and wine. Lunch and dinner boxes available to order. At either end of the main tourist season, we can serve lunch and evening meals to small groups.


Bike hire

We hire out bikes and helmets between Myrdal and Flåm. A cycling trip to Flåm takes about an hour and a half, or if you prefer to walk, expect to take about five hours.


Frå Mai og ut september. Kl. 9.15 – 18.30


5718 Myrdal






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